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Here are some quality online sources to help with advice on games, casinos, issues and gambling/gaming related information.


CasinoMeister has been around for the past nineteen years and was one of the very first online casinos.
The director, Bryan Bailey, who is an associated member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a certified arbitrator has been running the site since its inception of which he also writes most of the site’s content.

The site has a great player community where people can discuss many different gambling topics, get good information about various online casinos.


A great resource for casino jackpot and payout statistics as they track, record, chart and analyze the biggest jackpots from all over the world.  Currently, they are analyzing four-hundred and forty-six jackpots!

A great resource for making decisions as to which casino and or machine to play as every jackpot they have listed has a color-coded graph filled with useful stats.

Beating Bonuses

A site full of useful information for both experienced and beginner players.  It has information of hundreds of online casinos, various how-to guides, strategies, various players edge calculations.
It is an all-around great source of information for playing and learning the best chances of how to win online.

It has great forums, online calculators for various betting solutions, Sports bonuses, Casino bonuses and games.  For those just starting out at gambling, this is one of the sites you should visit it as a great starting point for both beginners and experienced gamblers alike.